4 Reasons to Specify NECO Packaged Systems.

1.  Energy Savings
Conventional constant speed pumping systems spend most of the time running to maintain pressure, even at low flow conditions. Our compact, skid-mounted pump systems, with optional high-efficiency variable speed drives, conserve more energy and provide a big savings...often as much as 50%. This particularly applies to:
  • Water Pressure Booster Systems
  • Package Circulating Systems including Geothermal
  • Rain Water Recovery Systems
  • Other Circulation and Heat Transfer Systems
2.  Systems are Value Engineered to Match the Application
Why settle for another manufacturer's "One-Size-Fits-All" system when you can often get a customized package system from NECO that is precisely engineered and sized to meet your exact design requirements.

NECO engineers have wide ranging experience in solving some of industry's toughest fluid handling and heat transfer problems. They know what systems work best and will get the job done right. And because NECO maintains a library of pre-engineered system designs, a field-proven solution can often be rapidly manufactured to meet your pump system specs at a cost much less than a site-built system.

3. "Made in the USA" Quality with full QC Documentation
Design/Engineering services at NECO are fully integrated with manufacturing and only the finest brand name products are incorporated in each and every skid-mounted assembly. The Fabrication Shop is staffed with a trained staff of engineers, welders and machinists to assure fast, accurate turnarounds and high-volume production of customer pumping system packages.

NECO continuously strives to meet and/or exceed all the quality standards set for products and services in the plumbing/HVAC industry. They have recently installed new and improved internal processes for better job tracking, even faster turn around, and stricter quality control.

All skid-mounted packages are 100% electronically tested and certified prior to shipment. Pumps and valves are hydrostatcally tested and supporting documentation is available upon request.

4. Faster Start-ups save even More
Because NECO packaged systems arrive at the job site fully assembled and factory tested, start-ups require minimal skilled labor, thus saving time and overall project cost. Just hook up the power, connect the inlet and discharge pipes and you're ready to go.

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More Reasons why NECO Pumping Systems offer a Unique Value!

  • *NECO also welcomes inquiries from OEM pump suppliers
    about manufacturing private label fluid handling and heat
    transfer systems that incorporate their own equipment.

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