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NECO standard Fuel Oil Pump Sets, Pumps, and Fuel Oil Transfer Systems operate at pressures of 10, 50, and 100 psi over a range of 16 to 600 GPH. They provide automatic start, lead/lag operation, pump alternation, and alarms including drip panel alarm.
Remote contacts are also provided to interface with Building Management Systems (BMS) or alarms can optionally be sent to cellular phones via text messages.

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The NECO Fuel Oil Pump Set (FOP) provides both manual “on” or “off” operation as well as automatic operation in response to an operation call from boiler, hot water heater or other device requiring fuel oil.

Fuel Oil Pump Features

  • Factory Engineered & Fabricated
  • Single Connections for Suction & Discharge
  • Standard units accommodate flows from 16gph to 600gph at pressures of 10, 50, 100 psi
  • Automatic fuel oil pump startup on call for operation
  • Single Point of Power
  • Drip pan with alarm
  • Lead pump selection
  • Optional tank level controls

Standard Fuel Oil Pump Equipment

  • Two fuel oil pump & motor assemblies
  • Duplex inlet strainers
  • Discharge pressure gauge
  • Base assembly
  • Two “Hand-Off-Auto” switches
  • “Lead Pump” switch
  • Two magnetic motor starters with overload protection
  • Drip pan alarm
  • Two relief valves, two check valves and four ball valves
  • Inlet compound gauge
  • Three gauge isolation valves
  • Control cabinet
  • Two “Pump On” indicators
  • Power On” indicator
  • Two motor circuit breakers
  • Flow switch


Specify Fuel Oil Pump (FOP) Order as follows:
FOP – GPH – Pressure – D(uplex) – Volts – Phase – Hp - Options

Fuel Oil Pump Set Pricing

To obtain a quote please provide the following:
Flow Rate required in Gallons per Hour (GPH)
Pressure Required (10, 50 or 100) PSI
Voltage 115-230/60/1 or 208-460/60/3

Contact us today to discuss your design requirements for a fuel oil pump set.

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