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NECO’s portable Water Pressure Booster Package was initially designed and used to provide water for military field showers; although it is ideally used anywhere additional water pressure is required on a temporary basis.

The Basic package for a Water Pressure Booster is capable of providing constant pressure of 40psi with a flow of 100 gpm using a single pump controlled by a variable frequency drive controller. A standard Hubble connector with a 20 foot power cable for 208 Volt 3 phase power is provided.

Should only single phase power be available, the Variable Frequency Controller will automatically convert the single phase power source to 3 phase for the motor.

Weighing less than 150lbs., the Water Pressure Booster is lightweight compared to fixed location packages and can be moved by two people. See schematic for a basic Water Pressure Booster below.

This Water Pressure Booster in a packaged system is ready to use and requires a single power connection along with suction and discharge connections. The packaged system is designed to withstand outdoor environments.

Standard Water Pressure Booster Features

  • Closed coupled bronze fitted end suction pump for 110gpm @ 40psi
  • 5HP 208V/60/3 TFEC motor
  • Suction & discharge connections are 1-1/2” CAMLOK connections
  • Yaskawa IQPump Variable frequency pump controller 208V 3 phase or 230V 1 phase
  • 10 Gallon Hydro-pneumatic expansion tank
  • 1- 2” Check Valve
  • 2- 2” ball valve
  • 1- hose bib
  • 1- Steel Frame for mounting and protection of the pumping components
  • Operation with single or three phase power

Pump Package

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