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Elevator Sump Pumps

NECO Oil Sensing Sump Pump Systems prevent hydraulic oil from being pumped from elevator pits. Alarm contacts are provided for Building Management Systems (BMS) and can be optionally directed to cellular phones via text messages.

Oil Sensing Sump Pump Systems automatically pump water without danger of pumping oily substances into sewers or environment. When oil is detected the pumps are automatically stopped; and both local and remote alarms triggered. Common applications are: elevator sump basins, transformer vaults, leachate well applications, garages, or any application requiring ASME A17.1 compliance.

Elevator Sump Pump Diagram
There is no need for a separate oil-water separator. The product is engineered for efficient and trouble-free pumping, even under the most severe conditions. NECO Oil Sensing Sump Pump models include:
  • Stainless steel sump pumps - 1/3hp to > 1hp
  • Oil Sensing Control probe
  • Pump activation probe (Start and Stop levels, 5 inch range)
  • - High oil alarm float
  • - NEMA 1 Control Panel with Led indicators for:
    • High Water (Red)
    • High Oil (Red)
    • Pump Run (Green)
    • Power On (Green)
  • - Auxiliary contacts remote alarms (high water and high oil)
  • - Factory installed 120V or 230V power cord.span>
  • - Receptacle to accept one 120V or 230V pump plug (15 amp FLA max.).

Engineered Sump/Sewage Pump Systems (ESSP)

NECO engineers make custom sewage ejector and sump pump systems design easy! The company will provide a specific system to meet your job requirements. A detailed quotation with drawings for your submittal package will be sent to you within 24 hours!

Our engineers will also select the optimum pump for your specific application from manufacturer’s including Goulds, Hydromatic, Liberty, Homa and others.

Just provide us with your specifications. We make your job easy!

ESSP Systems include:

  • Grinder Systems
  • Solids-handling Systems
  • Effluent Systems
  • Simplex Systems
  • Duplex Systems
Systems to meet your requirements include:

  • Pumps
  • Rail Systems (when required)
  • Control Panels
  • Fiberglass Basins (any size) with anti-floatation collars when required
  • Accessories (Check Valves,Gate Valves, Floats, H2O rated covers)
Elevator Sump Pump Diagram
NECO’s provides standard or custom designed simplex, duplex, indoor, or outdoor Control Panels to meet your specific requirements. Control panels can include options like cycle counters, elapsed time meters, wireless text message alarms. NECO also provides customized PLC controls with touch screens.

ESSP systems are also provided with accessories such as check valves (PVC or Cast Iron), shut off valves, vacuum breaker in various sizes to meet specific requirements.

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